Our Responsibility


Brims recognises that a business doesn’t exist in isolation and is simply a part of a wider social and economic community. As a successful business with excellent staff providing a quality service to a range of clients Brims recognises that success comes with an obligation to look at the needs of the communities around it, giving something back.

The company’s relationships with customers, suppliers and the local community are all affected in different ways by the actions and decisions of the company and its business activities. The company also has its employees and those employed via sub-contracts who depend on Brims as Brims depend on them. The company’s activities also have both direct and indirect impact on the environment with both local and global impact. This policy is intended to reflect how the company takes its corporate social responsibilities (CSR) seriously and how it will energise its staff and wider stakeholders to make a difference in the community it serves.

Brims recognises that whilst it is very successful in construction it is still a relatively young company and its commitment to CSR will need support and profile. It has therefore nominated one of its non-Executive Directors to lead on developing its social conscience.

Customers & Suppliers

Customers : The relationship the company forges and manages with its customers and suppliers is the platform for its commercial success and long term future. For that success to flourish Brims will :-

  • Be open and honest with its products and services, telling customers and suppliers what they want to know, including the steps needed to be socially responsible.
  • Ensure all documents are clear and unambiguous to aid understanding and avoid conflict.
  • Accept and admit that mistakes can be made and where these do occur be willing to put matters right, learn from the experience and be better/stronger as a result.

By this approach Brims expect they can improve the products and services on offer and improve their business.

Suppliers : Choosing suppliers carefully is an important part of the company’s approach toCSR. Brims will always endeavour to use local suppliers as much as possible. This helps you support the local community, the local economy and helps reduce travel times and energy usage in deliveries. Brims will be fair and honest with all its suppliers, particularly smaller businesses that rely on its approach to contract conditions and performance ensuring that all bills and invoices are paid on time.