130 years in the making.

For 130 years the ‘Brims’ name has been synonymous with the very best in building and civil engineering.

The roots of the name date back to 1882 when ‘Brims & Co’ was launched on Tyneside by Scotsman David Nicholas Brims, a dock and railway contractor.

His son Charles William Brims then took over the running of the company and it was passed on to his son David after the Second World War.
David Brims successfully ran the company until it was bought by Swan Hunter in 1961, he then served as executive vice chairman, alongside chairman Sir John Hunter until shipbuilding was nationalised in 1969.

‘Brims & Co’ was then sold when Swan Hunter divested itself of non-core assets and had performed well until was eventually wound up in 1993, during the recession of the early 90s.

In 2006 the ‘Brims & Co’ name was reincarnated and rebadged as ‘Brims Construction Limited’ by brothers Jason and Richard Wood and fellow director Ian Clift.

In the last five years Brims Construction has built on its outstanding pedigree to provide total solutions for a wide range of schemes.

The history of the Brims name is a history of energy, passion, ambition, people and teamwork that continues to this day. The legacy of this carries on in the new company.

We are very keen to create a permanent record of projects that were undertaken by Brims & Co Ltd throughout the company’s existence.
We would therefore be pleased to receive details and photographs so that we can expand this section.

If you would like to help please send any relevant information and photographs to; info@brimsconstruction.com.

Brims History