About Brims Construction

Brims is a privately owned and managed construction company with expertise in delivering projects for our clients in housing, civic buildings & amenities, commercial property, education, healthcare and transport.

The shareholders of the company are also the directors employed in the day-to-day running of the business.

It’s not about us it’s about you – we focus on meeting our customer needs and our aim is always to deliver projects on time and within budget, providing the highest quality solution to the project in hand.

We seek to make your relationship with us pleasant, rewarding and successful allowing you to realise the capital that has been invested at the earliest opportunity.

Over the years we have developed long term relationships with many clients. It is our view of things but, we believe that by being involved at the very beginning of any project we can make a real difference and that our perspective adds value.

Our commitment to our clients is total, no matter the size nature or level of the project in hand. This is borne out by the high level of repeat business we receive from our customers, both private and public, across a wide and diverse range of market sectors.

Our positive attitude and fresh thinking approach means that our clients enjoy working with us.

We’re here to help, and we like to show it.