Essity Water Treatment Plant


Brims Constructions was appointed by Global tissue maker Essity UK to Design and Build a new state-of-the-art water treatment facility to recycle and recirculate wate water at Prudhoe Mill. The scheme involves the installation of new technology and processes which are designed to meet or surpass current environmental standards and improve energy efficiency.

The construction will involve Excavations, Drainage works, Laying of concrete slab, Erection of Structural Steel Frame, Cladding, flat roof works, Installation of Mezzanine and stairs, M&E works and Hard and Soft Landscaping.
The plant uses treated water from the River Tyne to produce household paper and personal hygiene products, which is then cleaned through an effluent treatment plant before return to the river. As a business Essity work to operate sustainably and efficiently, this also means they have a responsibility to ensure that they minimise their impact on the environment through new investment in the best available technology.

The new effluent treatment plant uses energy-saving technology, measuring the in-going effluent quality and automatically controlling the output to ensure water quality is maintained. It will enable us to reduce energy consumption at the effluent treatment plant by 20% and improve the overall water quality going to the River Tyne.

The benefit of including this ‘green’ technology into manufacturing operations not only ensures the Mill is environmentally compliant into the future, but they are also reducing our environmental footprint by saving energy in the long-term.



Essity UK Limited




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Construction Value



39 weeks



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