Clough House Student Accommodation

Value: £12.5 million  |  Completion: July 2018

Brims Construction has recently been appointed to undertake the construction of the new Clough House Student Accommodation complex at Kings Manor in Newcastle.  Initial works comprise the demolition of the old Clough House office block to make way for the construction of a new seven-storey student accommodation building.  The new accommodation block will include 272 bed spaces with 21 studio units and 45 flats.  The development will also contain a common room, gym and landscaped areas.  The construction phase of the project will run for approximately 79 weeks, with anticipated completion in July 2018.

The site is located within the existing Technopole Kings Manor Business Park.  The rear of the site is located adjacent to the main East Coast railway line and there is also an adjacent Metro station for public use.  There is also a public footpath around the rear of the site adjacent to the Central Motorway.  As Principal Contractor, we will be working closely with businesses and residents in the surrounding area throughout the construction phase.  We recognise the importance of keeping the local community informed throughout our works and will issue regular newsletters to update everyone of the project’s progress and site issues.

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