Work with the Local Community

Brims recognises that working with the local community will bring a wide range of benefits and rewards. The company will always be willing to consider helping support the communities where it undertakes its business, hoping where possible to leave a legacy particularly for young and vulnerable people. The company will :

  • Form partnerships with local training providers that seek to help and support those who need it most particularly young unskilled people who struggle getting into their first job. The relationship with Building Futures East (BFE – a registered charity) has led to an understanding of how it can help youngsters find their way into beneficial employment. Brims plan to appoint one trainee every year from BFE or similar organisation.
  • Consider positive ways in which the skills of its staff and the labour/materials employed in its work might be used to support local charities/events which build community resilience.
  • Support one charity every year nominated by its local community/authority using staff events as well as a contribution from the company’s own funds.

 Staff Involvement and Development

Brims major asset is its staff and their health and welfare are critical to the organisation’s success. The company’s performance and development is inextricably tied up with that of its staff all of whom will have their own Personal Development Plan to help them mature and reach their full potential. Staff recruitment and retention will benefit from a positive relationship and respect between all in the workplace.

As well as training the staff will be consulted on the organisation’s culture and care and what initiatives are needed to help raise morale in the workplace. Staff will also be encouraged to support local community initiatives and in instance asked to lead on projects which will help them develop leadership skills.

The Environmental Impact of Brims

There are all sorts of ways in which Brims can reduce the environmental impact of the business. For example:

  • creating recyclable products
  • sourcing responsibly (eg using recycled materials and sustainable timber)
  • minimising packaging
  • buying locally to save fuel costs
  • creating an efficient (and fuel-efficient) distribution network
  • working with suppliers and distributors who take steps to minimise their environmental impact
  • Energy efficiency measures, like switching off lights and equipment when they aren’t needed and reducing the use of water.

The environmental impact of the business can be better understood by using environmental assessment techniques such as lifecycle assessment and setting up an environmental management system. Brims will invest in the development of systems and techniques to better manage the use of scarce/limited resources.

Brims recognises the potential business benefits from an environmentally sensitive policies as many customers prefer to buy from responsible companies. The company’s approach to CSR is complementary to its policies on Equal Opportunities and Training.